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When you buy your first four-wheeler, there are some priorities that make a big difference to you.  If it is style and look, you get to know what your friends have and perhaps buy that so you will be riding an ATV that is “cool”.  But for many who are going to make the investment in a quality four-wheeler can be summed up in one statement.  “I want the toughest four-wheeler there is.”

It is easy to list the “big names” in ATV sales, which would include Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and others that are well known.  But when it comes to buying a four-wheeler that is clearly respected as the toughest machine in the four-wheeler line, a little known name stands out.  That name is Polaris. 

The Polaris ATV is a four-wheeler that has for decades been known as the real workhorse of this classification of vehicles.  It is made to be able to withstand virtually any challenge and provide strength and power to be able to take you anywhere you need to go and do the tough jobs that many other brands of ATVs simply cannot handle. 

The rise of the four-wheeler in popularity started with utility users who needed to off road to accomplish tough jobs that conventional cars and trucks could not handle.  It has been in the last couple of decades that the rest of the world have discovered the recreational and sports uses of four wheelers.  But in all classifications, the Polaris stands out as an ATV that can handle any challenge whether it is a utility vehicle or one to take an adventure lover into any terrain he wants to explore.

“Going four-wheeling”, appeals to sportsmen and women who love extreme sports and who want to throw themselves into whatever they are doing.  These kinds of enthusiasts expect the ATV they take into the wilderness to handle whatever they throw at it and roll right over any obstacles so they can enjoy their adventure with no fear that their ride will let them down.  Unlike some of the more well known makes of four wheelers, it is the Polaris that is known for being able to barrel right through muddy conditions, to stay on the move in snow or ice and to charge over fallen trees and other obstacles without a problem. 

Another feature of the Polaris that makes it the workhorse ATV of the industry is its ability to handle a payload.  You can use a Polaris to drag brush or pull a car out of the mud.  It is that strong.  The Polaris four wheeler is equipped with large rear racks for carrying luggage, tools or whatever you need for your off road mission that day and the Polaris is capable of supporting hundreds of pounds of load in those racks.  Small wonder this is the ATV for people who need a solid and reliable piece of machinery to go where they need to go and be there with them to get the tough work, or the tough play, done.

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